Kick Up Your Heels

I have been wanting to try a collage idea from this book:


So yesterday, I decided to kick up my heels (so to speak) and give it a try!


It was fun to experiment.  I tried to create this piece quickly and not overthink it – easier said than done.  😉

I’d love to hear what YOUR reaction is…  feelings, thoughts, ideas?  Please share!

Cheers!  🙂

P.S. I will be creating a series of collages this week.  PLEASE stop by and share your thoughts with me!  Thanks!

11 responses to “Kick Up Your Heels

  1. Tell us the ideas you’re working from!
    It’s a good reflection of how I feel sometimes…(K)

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    • Thanks Kerfe! 😊 It’s a fun book – although I didn’t really need another book on collage. It even comes with a pad of paper. I like that it gives me simple suggestions of ideas I have not done before.


  2. How fun! Looks like she fell over after an exhausting day at work and shopping. Lol.

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  3. I think it’s delightful and really captures an exuberance!

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  4. I like a lot what you are doing here: The colors, textures and composition are very appealing to me: I do have this book on my wishlist too; but as you say I have already lots of art books I would like to work through.
    You work so much creatively, its really amazing!

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    • Thank you Suzanne! 😍 I appreciate your comments. ❤ I like how this book gives simple suggestions of ideas to try in collage. And I enjoy exploring different techniques which is probably why I enjoy Carla’s class so much! 🎨👍


  5. Yes, exploring different techniques is really fun!

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