One Sugar Lump Or Two?

I really like “Random Pick” drawing days in Carla Sonheim’s year long online class this year.  She chooses two words from a container and you get to draw, paint or write a poem with the prompts.

Yesterday, the words were mouse and cup.  So this is what I drew in pencil and then added black micron pen:


Next, I added color with my watercolor pencils from Faber-Castell:


I recommend you write your own prompts and put them in a jar.  It is a great way to generate creative ideas when you feel stuck in an art rut.

Cheers!  🙂

11 responses to “One Sugar Lump Or Two?

  1. Cute! and great idea. (K)

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  2. That picture is the cat’s whiskers 👍

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  3. I like the idea of prompts in a jar. Would make an interesting gift for a creative friend, too!

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  4. What a great idea! Love it!!!

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