Who Makes You Bloom?

As many of you may know by now, I LOVE flowers!!  When I started this collage, I had an idea but didn’t know how I was going to create it…


And so I went with the flow of things.  I kind of like the combo of paper collage and watercolor.

Who makes YOU  bloom in your life and art?!  I hope you will share it with me!

Cheers!  🙂

19 responses to “Who Makes You Bloom?

  1. People make me bloom. They inspire my art too. Also nature really inspires me.

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  2. You always brighten my morning, Jill. Yes, we need those good spirits! (K)

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  3. That is awesome! You are blooming inspirational.

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  4. This is sooooo great! I love it! My family and other artists make me bloom! 💐

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  5. O m G!! Love love love love love this !! And YOU do! You inspire me !

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  6. Who makes me bloom? A good question!
    I was member of a quilt guild which unfortunately no longer exists. For my current passions I have no art friends around me. Therefore I like to have friends online.
    My husband is supportive and VERY tolerant.
    I like animals and nature in general. I have a little granddaughter who draws very much and extremely well. She is a great source of inspiration to me, but unfortunately whe don’t see each other very often as she lives abroad. But we always draw and paint together when she comes.
    Artists that inspire me:
    – Carla Sonheim of course! I like her sensitive and poetic art
    – Cat Bennett is one of my great mentors. I like her art and her approach to art
    – In march I’ll take a little class taught by Danielle Donaldson over at Jeanne Oliver’s site; maybe I’ll like her too?
    – Jane Davies is an artist I like a lot too; her collages as well as her abstract acrylics
    – lately I discovered the blog of Eva Magill-Oliver which I find very inspiring too
    But maybe you know all these artists already!
    And I forgot certainly many of them….

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    • I don’t have a lot of creative friends that live near me either so this is why I also enjoy taking classes online and connecting with other artists with Instagram and blogging. I am familiar with all the people who inspire you except the blogger you mentioned. Is she on WordPress? 😊 And it is wonderful to have a supportive hubby! Mine is too! 🎨👍


  7. P.S.: Your collage is adorable! And the idea with the flowers great!

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  8. That’s what I always say you are so creative my dear friend 😍 this one is simply mind blowing 💜💜 friends like you makes me bloom and off course my family specially my parents ! 😀

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  9. You and all our blogger friends make me bloom. Thanks for that, Jill!! 🌸🌺🌼

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