Abstract Landscape

I haven’t done one of these abstracts in awhile.  I find them very meditative to do.  I did this one on Sunday while watching the Oscars.

I started with several layers of watercolor on 140 lb hot press paper:


Next, I outline shapes I see when the paint changes color with a black Micron .01 pen:


It is very meditative to choose which shapes I want to include:


This time, I left some shapes without outlines:


I think it gives the eyes time to rest.  You can choose to see individual shapes or the big picture.

I want to try using an actual photo as a reference for my next one.

Cheers!  🙂

15 responses to “Abstract Landscape

  1. Very beautiful and inspiring! Can’t wait for the landscape one! Do you mostly work on hot pressed paper?

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  2. The lines give it so much dimension. Of course I have the urge to add stitching…(K)

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  3. very very cool – I love how it turned out. Gosh – you seriously amaze me everyday!

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  4. Patricia G Bleecher


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  5. Beautiful and peaceful.

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  6. That is really neat. I’ve never seen anything quite like this but it’s beautiful! 🙂

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  7. Great technique, I love it!

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