Mardi Gras Turkey

It is a little known fact that Turkeys also celebrate Mardi Gras…


They call it, Wild Turkey Day!!

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!

Cheers!  🙂

P.S.  This wild turkey was my inspiration for today’s weird bird.

19 responses to “Mardi Gras Turkey

  1. I wonder if they have salons to style their feathers? (K)

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  2. How did I not know?! LOL! You once again blow me away with your CREATivity!!! AWESOME Wild Turkey!!!

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    • I’m sure there is a joke in there some where… I was surprised how strange turkeys are in the face/head. Google images of turkeys and you will see what I mean! 🤣 Thanks Jodi! 🎨👍

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  3. Ah he doesn’t have any beads! Looks like there’s a special story he has to tell! He looks mysterious!! Love him! Does he have a name? Great job!

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  4. Hum mm who is that masked man?? Harold… that you? 😍

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  5. Marty…..hahahahaha love it!! I’m thinking purple beads tho!!

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  6. That turkey wants to PARTY!!! I wonder how many beads she got in the parade? 😉 This is awesome!! Love it!! Hehe 😍

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  7. So much fun in this one 😍😀 My husband liked it too 👍🏼

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  8. Oh la la! She’s ready to party! 🙂

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