Yep It’s Yupo

I wanted to try yesterday’s technique – the crayon resist on Yupo paper.  In case you aren’t familiar with Yupo, it is a plastic surface – polypropylene to be exact.  Watercolor doesn’t soak into the surface and sits on top.

I started with quick drawing using crayons and covered them with water soluble markers.  I knew if I used a damp paper towel over it, it would remove color so I chose a dry one which basically just softened the crayons and didn’t add much interest.  I decided to try watercolors on top as you can see on the drawing below on the right:

I discovered that I could add texture with a paper towel if the area was still wet.  So I stamped my background with a clean foam stamp to create more interest.

After the watercolor dried, I decided to add Neocolors – which are a water soluble crayon.


And another layer of watercolor to add some shadows and create depth:


I really like how interesting this turned out.  I want to continue to experiment in this medium.

Cheers!  🙂

22 responses to “Yep It’s Yupo

  1. Fun technique and results!

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  2. Artful Aspirations

    Turned out wonderful!

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  3. It really looks great! I never tried yupo and I don’t even know where I could find some!

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    • Thank you Suzanne! 😊 I purchased it online at Dick Blick Art Supplies. It is kind of expensive but I don’t use it very often. There are a ton of YouTube videos on it. 🎨👍


  4. These are so cool! I have yet to use the Yupo I got for Christmas but you are inspiring me to get to it.

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  5. What a great experiment! I love the detail in the wine bottles.

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  6. This is so fun! I love the result! It’s such a happy image… and yes… before you ask… of course I’ll join you for that drink! 😉💕

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  7. Lovely combination of colors, they look wonderful together! 💕🌈🎨

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  8. Love seeing your creative mind in action! By doing and experimenting you create such wonder Jill. Love it. Im a bit stuck in my ways when it comes to trying different papers etc. yesterday I sketched a crow in pen on some scrap booking-paper it had a crosshatch texture and I really love how it turned out. More experimenting for me and you always inspire that thank you.

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