Art From the Heart ❤️

My mom’s birthday was this week on Friday, March 3rd.  She would have been 88 years old if she was still living… she died much too soon at age 70.

My mom and I didn’t always get along.  Yet, the last 6 months before she died, she and I connected.  It has been one of the greatest gifts I received and cherish when I think of her.

I created this piece in my art journal this week as an assignment for Carla Sonheim’s class, writing a poem (I chose this quote) with a paint brush and watercolor.  I added the flowers with the crayon resist technique:


Afterwards, I realized that it was art from my heart – which is so powerful!  My mom and I both LOVED flowers!

How do you and your mom connect from the heart?!

Cheers!  🙂

17 responses to “Art From the Heart ❤️

  1. I was just thinking about my mom this morning. She had Alzheimer’s the last years of her life, so I never got to make my peace. I’m so glad you had the chance! And flowers are a perfect remembering. (K)

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  2. Lovely work to honor a precious mother and daughter relationship. Xo Johnna

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  3. “art from the heart” … the very best kind!

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  4. My mom died at 61 and we had a rocky relationship when I was a teenager. We became closer as I got older but she did criticize me for my housekeeping, especially when the kids were younger. In her last years we had a pretty close relationship and her sudden death hit me hard. It’s been 24 years and I still think of her almost daily. She too loved flowers. I love the quote ‘The earth laughs in flowers’.

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    • I am sorry to hear that your mom died so suddenly, Carol. 💕💐 My mom was very critical of me as well. And even though our relationships had bumpy spots, I try to remember the happy times. I like that your mom loved flowers too. 🌼

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  5. Beautiful post…..sadly I was estranged from my mother for about two years before she died but I have had to refuse to dwell on that. I think that people don’t realize how precious it is to have a connection with their mothers. The connection that I did have with my mother throughout the years was our love for flowers, cooking and of course our Christian faith (most important). So happy to hear that you were able to connect with your mother Jill, what a gift! 🙂

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    • Thank your for sharing this with me, Margaret. I realize as I get older that having a connection with others is important. Sometimes this connection is from our birth mom and sometimes it’s relationships created with my heart. ❤ I’m glad that you and your mom shared the love of flowers too! 😍

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  6. that is so sweet. Sadly – my mother and I…… well – that is likely best a story for a private conversation. 🙂

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  7. Oh that’s wonderful Jill! I’m much closer to mine since I had kids. I guess because of the empathy. It’s wonderful when things come full circle.

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