The Little Pink House

The first home my hubby and I rented was very small… so small that my sis said we must be in love!  And we were!  Looking back now, we were so young:


Below is an “artistic” floor plan of our 441 square foot home in Cheney, WA:


The little pink house sat between 2 railroad tracks which took a little getting used to!  We had a king-sized waterbed that felt like one of those coin-operated massage beds when the trains passed.  Lol!  The bed took up most of the room too.  I had to lie on the bed in order to open the dresser.

My hubby sold stereos at the time and we had a set of Magnepan speakers in the living room – 2 ft wide, 6 ft high and 1 inch thick.  Perfect sound for a tiny home!  😉

We had our first garden in the backyard.  The cows next door got loose one time and helped to fertilize the garden.  We had zucchini so large we used them as door stops.

Our first cat, we named Abbynormal after the Young Frankenstein movie.  I remember the cat was a bit abnormal and loved the swamps near our house.

When the landlord doubled the rent a year later, we moved to Spokane, WA and paid much higher rent but we a bigger house!  🙂

Do you remember your first home?  I’d love to hear your memories!

Cheers!  🙂

23 responses to “The Little Pink House

  1. Jill this is so sweet! I went to a bridal shower yesterday, the first in a long time. The next generation is getting married. I can’t believe we’ve been married 20 years. We lived in an apt. In NYC when we first got married and then bought a house a few months before our daughter was born. We are still here now – we’ve added rooms and changed the house a lot. Just the other day we were looking at photos from the day we closed. I’m pregnant sitting on my husband’s knee. The house is almost unrecognizable compared to today. So much has changed, now we have 3 kids, two are in high school! Crazy

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  2. Oh my, such a beautiful couple, both in white!! I met Mr.Walker in 1985 and our first home together was a tiny white washed house with a thatched roof. It sounds idyllic but it was so tiny that the stairs to the one bedroom were a contraption you had to pull from the ceiling. When they were down, you could not get to the front door, and when it froze outside…it did freeze inside as well. And it was close to the railways too. But hey…like your sis said, we were very much in love…ha, we still are! Lovely memories and I love your pink house! Xo Johanna

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  3. How sweet is your wedding photo!!! Beautiful! Hubby and I loved in a 12×60 ft mobile home our first two years. It was tiny but felt like a palace to me at 19 to have it all to ourselves. Lol. ❤

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    • Thanks Jodi! ❤ Yes, I agree, it was wonderful to have a place to call home for just the two of us! 😃 Many good memories started there… funny, the house is still there and still pink! 💕

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  4. Beautiful wedding photo of you two!

    King size waterbed brought back memories! Our second bed was a king size waterbed which took up most the bedroom of our second place, but I could get into my closet and dresser drawers. 🙂

    Our first apartment was a 1 bedroom 524 sq ft place. We moved out 6 months after we got married and moved into a 2 bedroom duplex. We were going to be needing that second room before long! 🙂

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    • Thanks Deborah! We were 23 when we got married which then we thought we knew so much… but really we knew so little!! ☺️ Waterbeds were popular back then, huh? Lovely to hear your memories too! ❤💕

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      • I was the same age. I loved that waterbed. It was so warm in the winter, and in the late Spring I turned off the heater and it was cool for the summer months.

        It got harder to find heaters, and parts locally for it so we sold the frame and bought a “real” bed. Which was good cause I insisted on a Queen size so we could sleep closer together. With the king size we each slept so far apart it felt like miles some times. 🙂

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      • Yes, it was a pain to move it though! 😉 We still have a king size bed but now I use an electric blanket. ☺️ Our cats seems to always take up way to much of the bed!! 🐱

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  5. Love reading about your first home and seeing your wedding photo, I adore posts like this! But I can’t imagine paying $100 a month in the early 80’s! My parents were paying that in the late 60’s and 70’s! of course they knew that they were getting a good deal. My husband and I lived in a single wide trailer in a community trailer park in the same town we got married in. A small little town with less than 125 people but I didn’t like being right in town and if I remember correctly, we were paying over $300! and that was in 1986, so compared with your price, wow! Fortunately we moved in a few months but to Reno, Nevada! from bad to worse. I am going to come back and keep an eye on the stories that people write here. Thank you Jill for sharing a little about your life. 🙂

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    • It is fun to hear how others got their first place. Thank you for sharing your memories with me too, Margaret! ❤ I can’t imagine living in such a small town! At least Cheney, WA was a college town and close to Spokane. 😉 And yes, the rent was amazingly cheap! When we moved to Spokane, we started paying close to $400 for a duplex. 😳

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  6. I think your little pink house sounds like a perfect love nest for a newlywed couple! What a wonderful wedding photo. Your gown is beautiful. Our first home was a one bedroom second floor apartment with avocado green kitchen appliances and a stackable washer and dryer. The apartment complex had a built in pool that I used quite a bit in the summer. Lots of good memories there! Thanks for sharing you memories with us and reminding me of mine! 😊

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  7. Reminds me of my parents’ first house, a trailer. When you’re young, anything works.
    I’ve moved around so much, I don’t know that any residence is home. But that’s OK. As I think I said in one post, NYC is my home. It keeps changing, just like me!

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  8. Sweet! Enjoy looking back on memories and photos.. Thanks for sharing yours!

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