I had a little leftover glass bead gel from a recent art experiment… so instead of wasting it, I added fluid acrylics in Turquoise and spread it on a scrap piece of hot press watercolor paper.  I decided to add watercolor to it yesterday:


What would YOU do to complete it?

I’d love to hear your ideas!!

Cheers! 🙂

P.S.  I’m thinking of making this a weekly feature on my blog… would you like to hear other creative ideas on how to complete a piece of art?!  🙂

18 responses to “What?!

  1. I like it as it is, but I also saw a clematis vine growing on a trellis, covered with purple flowers. A second look and I saw three adults talking on a sunny spring sidewalk with a little girl in the middle. Her face would be warm colors, the adults cool. Whatever you do, have fun!

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  2. Time for some of your paper maché magic I think. 🙂 I love the cheerful yellow and pink/mauve in this.

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  3. Yes, maybe some photo or paper scraps here and there. Although, I really like it the way it is too.😊

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  4. hmmmm. Not sure – but I do know you will create something FABULOUS with it! This will be a Great weekly idea!!!

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  5. See that’s what i always say you are creative! What! You did this with leftover! Amazing! 😍 some floral abstract acrylic painting may be!

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  6. I agree it’s lovely as is. Might be fun to add some Easter eggs in the foreground, sort of partially hiding in the grasses. (Loe the idea of doing one of these weekly.)

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  7. Love the idea, I meant to say.

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  8. I think a few well placed words, a quote or verse would work well here. I also like the idea of adding some photo bits or scraps of paper.

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