The Puddle-Jumper

Perhaps you have seen this bird lately in your neighborhood?


Around here it means that Spring is just around the corner…

Time to put on your galoshes and jump some puddles!!

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!

Cheers!  🙂

P.S. Do you see any animals in the puddles or clouds?

21 responses to “The Puddle-Jumper

  1. Our puddles are ice this morning! (K)

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  2. A turtle and a hippo below! Love the airplane paper you used for the puddle-jumper.

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    • I see the turtle! 🐢 The airplane paper is from a children’s dictionary and the rest of the bird and the puddles are from old maps that I gelli-printed. 😊 Enjoy your day! 🐦


  3. Another adorable bird! You know how much I love these BRILLIANT birds! I sea a seal and a rhino 😉

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  4. Love it. Is Weird Bird Wednesday a thing?

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    • Hi Carol! 😊 Weird Bird Wednesday is my day to create weird birds that hopefully give you a smile to help you get through your week! 😃 It is just something fun I started about a year ago on my blog. I’m glad you my bird! ☂️🌤

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  5. Let the puddle jumping begin!! Good one Jill!!😊

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  6. I thought that Weird Bird Wednesday might be a challenge you created for others to join you. Would be an interesting challenge. Think about it.

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  7. I love this guy. Looking forward to spring right along with him .

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  8. I saw a couple puddle jumpers while walking this morning. It snowed a whole bunch last week and now it is melting. I don’t recall the jumpers having beaks though. And there was a puddle with a prehistoric fish in it. I think it was a Myllokunmingia. Your puddle jumper is definitely the cutest of them all. 🙂

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  9. Any “puddle jumpers” around here would have been wearing several more layers and a warm hat!! I had a giggle over the little “puddle jumper” plane on your friend’s belly! Very clever!

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