Cutting Circles

Some days my brain is too tired after work to create an “art piece” so I try to find a fun activity to keep my hands moving.  Yesterday, I decided to cut up some circles for another project.


I used a stencil to draw circles in three different sizes on a variety of papers:  gelli-prints, scrapbook and dictionary pages.


I cut them out with scissors while watching TV and talking to my hubby about his day.


The circle scraps are keepers too!


Wishing you a happy day!

Cheers!  🙂

12 responses to “Cutting Circles

  1. Can´t wait to see what you will make of them. Looks great already!

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  2. Well you know I love these…and did I suggest stitching on your previous unfinished piece? (K)

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  3. I can’t wait to see what you do with them, but the way you laid them out they look like art!

    I am thinking this would be a great exercise and art project for #1 Grandson. We can work on fine motor skills, and shapes at the same time! Thanks for sharing this!

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    • Thanks Deborah! 😃 This would be an awesome project to do with your grandson! 👍🎨 I had fun rearranging them for my photos. Life’ simple pleasures… 😉 Are sometimes the best ones! 😍

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  4. oh but you did – create art! 🙂

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