Sometimes I like to put brush to paper in watercolor without thinking about an outcome.

This experiment I did in my art journal recently.  As winter fades and Spring awakens:


The colors in nature change from greys and blues to greens and yellows.

I also painted similar colors and patterns on Lutradur in watercolor.  This photo tells you about this product if you haven’t heard about it.


The product can be used in sewing and paper arts. It feels like a heavy interfacing used in sewing.

I cut out a few strips of the painted Lutradur and glued them over my watercolor paper.  I like the subtle contrast with the paper.  I added a gelli-printed circle to represent the moon.


Have you ever used Lutradur?  I’d love to hear how you have used it!

Cheers!  🙂

17 responses to “Moonrise

  1. I love how peaceful the watercolor is. Never heard of Lutradur

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  2. Never heard of that paper, thanks for the info 👍🏼 I liked the subtle colors. They exactly resemble to current nature colors 💜

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  3. Lovely and mellow. 🎨

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  4. That second photo was done on Lutradur paper? I love the texture in that!!! I have to remember it. 🙂

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  5. Jill this is so lovely and peaceful. It does, indeed, look like spring awakening!

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  6. soft and lovely, relaxing. calm. And this is a great heads up Jill! never heard of Lutrador. Perth is quite isolated, even with its 2 million. we do not, have access to normal art things. I will be looking at Jerrys, cheap joes, dick blick though 🙂 thanks!!

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