The Surfer Bird

The Surfer Bird has become extinct and is now known as a shore bird…


Perhaps you have seen a Surfer Bird dude hanging out near your favorite beach with the shore birds!

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!

Hang-Ten Friends! πŸ™‚

15 responses to “The Surfer Bird

  1. Okay…this reminded me of a funny poster I saw on facebook that said something like – “An ironing board is a surfboard that gave up on its dream. Don’t be an ironing board.”

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  2. Cute

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  3. Rad surfer dude!! Hang ten Jill. πŸ™‚ Ha ha

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  4. So very cool your surfer bird is Jill love him

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  5. Yay! Happy weird bird Wednesday Jill πŸ’œ he is dude 😎
    Hugs πŸ€— to you, we’ll catch up on FB πŸ’•

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