The Karnowski Bird

Spokane fans were disappointed on Monday, when the Gonzaga Bulldogs lost in a close game with the North Carolina Tar Heels at the NCAA Basketball Tournament.  The final score was 71-65.

It was an exciting game and we are proud of the “Zags” for their outstanding performance during these games.

In honor of the team, I have created the Karnowski bird for one of the star players, Przemek Karnowski:


As you can see in this photo of him below that he has a beard.  My upside down version of my bird shows that his beard is basketball players from the dictionary illustration of the word, basketball:

I have not created a bearded bird before… only a bearded fish, that you can find here.

Happy Weird Beard (Bird) Wednesday!

Cheers!  🙂

20 responses to “The Karnowski Bird

  1. He is indeed a good and likable player…and your bird is likable too!

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  2. Aaaahhhh love our Zags! Great to have a couple of players for his ear, and so fun to have a back board too! Love his beard too such a great way to give tribute to the other players! Such a fun bird!

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  3. OH YOU CLEVER ONE! Love it! Wonder if you could send it to him!!!?? 🙂

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  4. You always make me smile, Jill! Wonderful! 🙂

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  5. Yay to this 🐦 bird! Super awesome 👏🏼 and superhit till now 😎

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  6. LOL! Too funny! And so clever!

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  7. Too much fun Jill and that is why your art inspires others because we can tell you get so much enjoyment making art.

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