Dear Mom…

A friend’s mom was having a birthday and asked for postcards with cats to wish her a happy day.  It was easier for me to use postcards that were cut and ready for art.


I decided to combine collage using gelli-printed paper and Neocolors water-soluble crayons (since they happened to be next to me.)  Here are the ones I did for her mom:


They were so much fun to make that I decided to create several for my mother-in-law too!  She loves flowers! 🌷


I know I enjoy receiving cards in the mail so I think she will too.  I will make several in advance so I can mail one a week.

Who do you know that would love to receive a postcard in the mail with your art?

Cheers!  🙂

20 responses to “Dear Mom…

  1. Great idea! The cat with the bird is my favorite. (K)

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  2. So pretty! Love the cat bag! 😊❤️

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  3. Happy mail is such a delight to send and receive. Yours will be so loved! I know I would love it 🙂 ❤

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  4. Love your cards and the idea of sending cards.

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  5. Jill, your cards are absolutely delightful! I love them all!
    I wanted to tell you that your blogposts are such a joy to read and always inspiring ( even though I don’t comment as much as I would like – writing in english is a bit of a challenge to me): I loved your squares from yesterday, really little gems; your 100faces project and your beautiful doodle. And I still want to tell you that I loved the photo you posted of your wedding some time ago. It reminded me so much of my own wedding in 82 when I was 24.
    I admire the amount of art you get done in a week besides writing your blog
    and managing your life!
    Getting ideas on paper is a slow process in my case: I have been agonizing over my cat’s card for a few days and can’t get it on paper as I envision it. I even made a few tries this morning before a very busy day. I’ll give it another try tonight…..
    I cut down some of my internet time in order to have more art time.
    And I’ll still have to cut it more down; My parents (88 and 87) have lots of health issues this year and I am always ready for them. ….
    I hope your foot is healing fast and I wish you a beautiful and creative week!

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    • Hi Suzanne! 😄 Thank you for your kind comments today! So happy you are enjoying my blog! YAY! ❤ Fun to look back at our wedding photos, huh? Sounds like we are close in age. I completely understand about cutting back on internet time so you can have more time to create. 🎨👍 I too understand about aging parents. My parents have both passed on yet I remember well the time it took to care for them. Please take good care of you too! xo 😘 And no worries about commenting on my blog – just enjoy! ❤


  6. They will love all four thoughtful creations! So sweet, Jill!

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  7. What a wonderful idea and even more wonderful artwork! ❤

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