Colorful Faces

I made quick random marks in my mixed media sketchbook using watercolor and water soluble Tombow markers.  I only had a few minutes to create before I fixed dinner so I didn’t even let the page dry before I went onto the next one.  I did 10 pages in about 15 minutes.

Next, I decided to make quick one-liner sketches of faces from a magazine with ink without thinking about my backgrounds (paint had dried).  It was super fun!

Here are my 4 favorites:

Do you have a favorite?  I hope you share it with me!

Cheers!  🙂

17 responses to “Colorful Faces

  1. No. 2 but all are exciting!

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  2. Sometimes being forced to work quickly provides great focus…like the essentialness of the lines here. (K)

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  3. You are amazing! What a challenge to not pay attention to the painting beneath! That takes talent! They are all awesome. Something really unique about the guy with the dots of colors (next to last)

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    • Thank you Jodi! 💕😊 It surprised me how fun this little challenge I created for myself was… I think it helped to work quickly and in a sketchbook. I like the guy with the dots too. The colors set a mood, don’t you think? 🌈🎨


  4. So unique, all of them. No 2 really catches my eye!

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    • Thank you Carmel! 😃 I really like that one too – I like the colors as I think they set a tone to the drawing. 💛 It was fun to work quickly because I couldn’t worry about it!


  5. My favorite is the the man on the bottom left with green circles. He appears very Elizabethan to me. Perhaps a Shakespeare character even. 🙂
    You’re so creative!

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  6. Fab! Doing art fast is so creative.

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  7. I love the girl up right with yellow and blue. I think because I like not smiling faces better in art. But they all show the fun you had! 😊

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