Jane Austen

I’m a little behind on my assignments in my year-long class with Carla Sonheim.  So yesterday, I combined two lessons into one.  This quote from Jane Austen on writing:


And secondary, Carla’s tip on sanding magazine paper.  Roughing up this glossy paper gives it “tooth” which adds a nice texture to my collage.  It also gives a nice vintage feel to this piece which I like.  I added other papers, including an old postage stamp.

As many of you know, I love experimenting in art!   So this page was super fun to do. 🙂

Do you have a favorite book that Jane Austen wrote?  I hope you share it with me!

Cheers! 🙂

10 responses to “Jane Austen

  1. How fun! I was thinking you must have stacks and stacks of papers, and magazines for your artist endeavours.

    My favorite book by Jane Austin is Persuasion, followed by Sense and Sensibility and Pride & Prejudice. Which is your favorite book?

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  2. Love you experimentation Jill and cool tip on sanding magazine pages!

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    • Thanks Jodi! 😃 I liked how the vintage the daffodil image appears after sanding it. I got it from a flower catalog that came in the mail. I will have to look to see if there are any Bleeding Hearts! 💕

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  3. Beautiful collage, Jane would approve. What do “#103 and #88” refer to? I’ve read all of her books several times; I’m currently near the end of “Emma”. The sanding of the paper is an interesting technique; thanks for sharing it.

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    • Hi Carolin, these numbers refer to the assignment from Carla Sonheim for her year-long class. #103 was Austen’s quote and #88 was the sandpaper tip. It helps me keep track. I will have to read Emma. Thanks for your comments! 💕😊

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