Woman In The Window

I learned a lot when I tried to copy master artist, Picasso.  How does he draw shapes? Where does he place color?  How does he draw eyes?

I used Neocolors (water soluble crayons) over a pencil sketch of my rendition of this Picasso painting called,  Woman In The Window that I found on Pinterest:


I encourage you to “copy” a Master artist’s original work for your own learning.  It may surprise you!

Cheers! 🙂

21 responses to “Woman In The Window

  1. One of my first artist Picasso. Beautifully done.

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  2. You learn so much when you really examine a great artist’s work. Now this makes me want to get out my neocolors (if only I can find them). (K)

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  3. Picasso would be proud!! ❤️

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  4. I like yours more than some of the Picasso’s I’ve seen. Great job!

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  5. That’s really good, Jill. Great colors and expression. N.

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  6. Wonderful colorful, Jill!

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  7. We can all learn so much from the work of the Masters – I love your Picasso style portrait.. !

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  8. This is really fun! 😃Love it in Neocolor!

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  9. When I lived in London I was blown away by Picasso’s paintings when I visited the galleries. What a great exercise Jill I imagine it was a ton of fun to do.

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