Instant Summer

Seems our weather in the Pacific Northwest has gone from a cool Spring to above 80 degrees in one day!  Ugh!!  I do like warmer weather but prefer gradual increases in temperatures…

Here is a doodle I did a while ago but I haven’t posted yet:


My cat loves the sunshine but even he was too hot to be outside this afternoon!  Lol!

Happy Friday!

Cheers! 🙂

18 responses to “Instant Summer

  1. Love your doodle! The weather is one thing that will drive us crazy trying to figure out eh?! ☀️

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  2. Well here in Michigan we are freezing our butts off! If the rain keeps up we will all become permanent icicles. Love the kitty doodle 🙂

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    • I can totally relate to the rain thing! We had the wettest Spring ever here! ☔️⛈ Glad you like my doodle! 🐱💕☀️ Sending sunshine your way!! 😍


  3. A happy cat!
    Our weather is all over the place too. Lots of rain! And too much pollen this year…(K)

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  4. That is gorgeous and I’m jealous. We’ve had solid rain for three days. 😎

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  5. I think you could make your own Coloring Book for adults and kids with your doodles Jill. This is whimsical and so cute!

    It’s been warm here in the Bay Area this week too, but there’s a breeze today which is cooling it down a bit.

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    • Thank you Deborah! I should try doing that! 😄 Maybe I could self-publish a coloring book? I will have to think about it… problem is I don’t seem to have much time right now as I’m working FT again. 😟 But I will look into it! 😃 We had thunderstorms last night so it has cooled down again. ☔️ I do like the heat but I’m not used to that big jump in temperature! 🌞

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      • Oh yes, self publishing your coloring book would be a great way to go, and quicker I think than trying to sell it to a publishing house.
        I’ve bought two coloring books in the the year. They’re pretty “hot” right now so now’s the time to do it. 🙂


  6. Your cat will be happy! Love the doodle. That was the nicest day so far. Then it turned into thunderstorms and rain. At least it’s still warmish.

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    • We had thunderstorms too, Susan! The rain has cooled things down a bit and I’m thankful. The cat is sleeping on the couch after being out half the night… oh, to be a cat!! Lol! 🐱🌈💕

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  7. Love the cat! I live in Northern California near Redding which is one of the hottest places in the U.S. and we had a few days this week when the temps. shot up to almost 100!! Plus, the A/C in the car was not working which is hopefully getting fixed today! I really don’t like summer here.

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    • Wow! Sounds super hot! And no AC in your car! 😮 I think that would be too hot! ☀️ We rarely get to 100 here and when we do, I like being at the lake! Glady you like my cat doodle! 🐱💕


  8. Later in the summer it will get up as high as 118 at times!! I stay in with the A/C on and don’t go anywhere! 🙂

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