Starlings Java

I wonder if a bird drank KAWF-ee …

Would it order it to go from the “fly-by” window at Starbucks Starlings Java?


Would it order one shot of expresso or two?

I suppose that would depend on the species of bird…

“I’ll take a Tall, Skinny, Half-Decaf, No-Whip Mocha, please!”

How do you like your coffee?

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday! 🙂

P.S.  I enjoyed reading your responses for my dancing bird last Wednesday!  I got my boot off my foot and I can start wearing a shoe again!  Hoorah!!  A good reason to dance!  🙂

28 responses to “Starlings Java

  1. Wow.. Wonderful…

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  2. Clever! And the musical eye…I like that. (K)

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  3. This is really fun! Love it!

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  4. Beautiful bird! I think they would crash into trees.

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  5. I love love love your bird! Personally I am of the double shot soy latte sort….i imagine that the hair on my little birdie head would be sticking straight up. Haha

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  6. Happy weird bird Wednesday Jill. A fly by window? Interesting concept.😆😉❤

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  7. Omg. I love this one so much too!!!! This is my new favorite! I can’t wait for the book and the print series to show up in stores everywhere!!!!!

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  8. I think he would order a grande half sunflower seed and half nijer seed no bitter seed sprinkles! He looks as tho he has music in his eye……hummmmm whom might he be meeting?

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  9. Yay for shoes – and kawfee with a little vanilla almond creamer 🙂

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  10. Amazing article, keep the good work on!!

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