Let’s Face It

Creating a face every day on Instagram can be challenging for the 100-day project that I started April 4th.  Yet, probably not in the manner you think!  😉

Let’s face it… I cannot draw a face with the SAME materials every day.  I need variety!

I have created faces with collage papers but not on a collaged background.  So this began my recent challenge for myself.

I started by randomly gluing pieces of papers in my sketchbook with a glue stick.  I chose papers without a lot of pattern and light in color so my pencil sketch would show up.

Here is my collaged background and my completed pencil sketch of my first experiment:

I tried to select papers in colors that went well together but not spend too much time on it.  In other words, I didn’t over think it!

My second one, I added color pencils to my pencil sketch:

Tomorrow, I will show you how I created my third collaged piece a little differently.

These were super fun to do!  I hope you give it a try!

Cheers! 🙂

12 responses to “Let’s Face It

  1. They look fab. I love the vintage look when papers are pale. I’ve noticed when artists put down darker papers they put a wash of white where they want person to be or do features in white. Something I plan to try with sheep. Love your portraits!

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    • Thank you, Catherine! 😃 Yes, I’ve notice this too. I was trying to do these without adding paint. I like how the papers add to the features. Something I’d like to explore in greater detail. ❤🎨👍

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  2. another great idea (K)

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  3. You have such clever ideas. 🙂

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  4. another amazingly creative inspiration from the great ms jill! ❤

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  5. hi Jill, your work is awesome and so interesting! I have been wanting to do a collage with scrap pieces of watercolor sketches and failures {shhh…} and you have really inspired me to try! I love the 2nd one especially with the addition of colored pencil~

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    • Hi Jenna! Thank you for your nice comments! 😍 Yes, we all have a few of those failures (I like to call them experiments). Good idea to try using them in a collage. I will look forward to seeing what you create! 🎨👍


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