Flowers In Her Hair

In continuation of yesterday’s post, I discovered an exciting new way to complete my third collaged background from the fantastic, Australian artist, Toni Burt.  I discovered her YouTube videos and online classes from a friend on Instagram.

I started with the same background in my sketchbook but added some white and blue acrylic paint to mute it.  As you can see below:

After my paint dried, I covered my page with clear gesso to give it some “tooth” so I could draw my face on top.

I then went though the steps I learned in Toni’s class, “Flowers In Her Hair,” to create this beauty:


I hope you check out Toni’s classes at – I found the cost of her classes to be very reasonable for the amount of material she covers.

Cheers! 🌹

12 responses to “Flowers In Her Hair

  1. Beautiful.. liked the Colors…

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  2. Lovely! I really like the addition of the blue. Definitely unifies the page somehow 😉

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  3. Oh Jill – I lOVVVVVEEE it! absolutely stunning!

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  4. Stunning. I want to give this a try. With the renovation and my Dad’s move and now my upcoming retirement and having to move all my stuff from school I’ve found little to no time for art. 😦

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  5. Every step is wonderful in its own way. (K)

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  6. Cool Jill! Do you know Kim Kreis, she is painting a series now of women with flowers for hair, you can see her on Instagram @kimkreisart

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