Flowers In Her Hair

In continuation of yesterday’s post, I discovered an exciting new way to complete my third collaged background from the fantastic, Australian artist, Toni Burt.  I discovered her YouTube videos and online classes from a friend on Instagram.

I started with the same background in my sketchbook but added some white and blue acrylic paint to mute it.  As you can see below:

After my paint dried, I covered my page with clear gesso to give it some “tooth” so I could draw my face on top.

I then went though the steps I learned in Toni’s class, “Flowers In Her Hair,” to create this beauty:


I hope you check out Toni’s classes at – I found the cost of her classes to be very reasonable for the amount of material she covers.

Cheers! 🌹

15 responses to “Flowers In Her Hair

  1. Beautiful.. liked the Colors…

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  2. Lovely! I really like the addition of the blue. Definitely unifies the page somehow 😉

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  3. Oh Jill – I lOVVVVVEEE it! absolutely stunning!

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  4. Stunning. I want to give this a try. With the renovation and my Dad’s move and now my upcoming retirement and having to move all my stuff from school I’ve found little to no time for art. 😦

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  5. Every step is wonderful in its own way. (K)

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  6. Cool Jill! Do you know Kim Kreis, she is painting a series now of women with flowers for hair, you can see her on Instagram @kimkreisart

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  7. Thanks Jill for this. I was so inspired that I made a memory book for my friend who is also my principal. I had some trouble drawing her face even with tracing it so I took a photograph and enlarged it and printed it in black and white on copy paper, drew over some of her features with black pen and then collaged flowers around her head. It turned out really well.

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