Lake Time

My hubby and I opened up our lake place (trailer) over the weekend.  We weren’t sure of the weather but decided to chance it and left home in rainy weather but arrived at the lake in sunshine!

The weather turned out to be wonderfully warm and the sky was the brilliant blue of summer… although the mountains were still covered with snow!


We took our first boat ride of the season… Lake time for us is May through September.    I have been going to Priest Lake, Idaho since I was a baby so it always feels like coming home when I arrive!

Here are some more photos for you to enjoy with a haiku:


Snow on rocky peaks,


Sunshine sparkles on waves blue-green…


Ah, fresh mountain air!


17 responses to “Lake Time

  1. Beautiful! Hubby and I took our first boat ride yesterday too!

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  2. What a beautiful place. We opted not to open the cottage this weekend. It was cold and wet and I had plenty to do around the house. I went up one year when the conditions were similar to the weather we had this weekend and I said never again. My daughter and I froze and we left after one night.

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  3. Looks like a wonderful place to soak up nature Jill, lucky you, a mountain with snow….how beautiful, enjoy your break

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  4. So unbelievably beautiful…I can just feel and smell the air!

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  5. That’s a beautiful place Jill! I would be happy there. Thanks for sharing!

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