Maid In The Shade

I’ve heard of a housewife…

And a househusband,

But a housebird?!!  How absurd!

Well, maybe not…


Ha!  A bird has a built-in “feather duster!”

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!

Cheers! 🙂

21 responses to “Maid In The Shade

  1. Cannot love love love enough!!!!❤️💙💛💚💜. So witty. So charming. So adorable. So clever and creative. Want her too!!!

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  2. I NEED a housebird with a built-in feather duster. ACHOO! 🤧

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  3. I also need a Bird with that built in feather duster!!😉 How great that would be. And so clever. ❤👏👍💕

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    • Thank you Susan! 😃 Yes, I was looking at the dust in my house yesterday when I was trying to think of a weird bird… Of course I created art instead of dusting! Haha! To bad we can’t call a bird to swoop in and dust! 😉

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  4. Fabulous! I love the vintage look

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  5. feather duster 🤣 Tweet Home 😆
    Absolutely made me smile! Thank you Jill 💕

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  6. I need a feather duster!!

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  7. LOL! Shake it! This is cute!!

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  8. Ha! LOVE it Jill not so crazy at all.

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