The Professor And Maryann

The professor could be a drip sometimes…


So Maryann would come to his rescue!


OK, not really but the title sounded FUN!  Remember Gilligan’s Island?  If you lived in the United States the 1960’s and ’70’s… (I’m probably dating myself here a little…)  😮 Lol!

I created these paintings with watercolor paint drips and added shading and details with color pencils.

My hubby has the theme song memorized for Gilligan’s Island…Lol!  Do you think he watched this show wayyyy too much?

Cheers and HAPPY memories!  🙂

10 responses to “The Professor And Maryann

  1. So much fun! Now that song is in my head. And I’m smiling. 👍😊

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  2. I think I know most of the words. I watched it all the time too. I just loved Ginger’s gowns, and wanted to see which gowns would be worn each episode.

    Now I’ll have the song in my head for hours. “)

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  3. Love the colors in your paintings, they fit each other perfectly! I´ve never heard of Gilligans Island, but it´s fun to watch these pictures… How different was the world back then – and it´s not too far away from today. Changes go so fast nowadays…

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