A Nature Notan

Perhaps you remember the Notan I did previously?  If not you can find it here.  It is a  Japanese form of paper cutting with black and white shapes.

I decided to try another the other night to unwind from my work day…

I enjoyed the paper cutting part but the glueing went a little haywire.  I was using a glue stick and it got super sticky.  Then I accidentally glued the wrong side of a piece of paper so I dabbed it with a Kleenx and it stuck to the paper….

Rather than panic, I decided to add the “tissue look” to the black paper.  And I think it turned out OK.   I think I have a solution for the next one without using a glue stick.  😉


Hope you enjoy the long weekend if you are living in the States.  I’m heading to the lake!

Cheers! 🙂

17 responses to “A Nature Notan

  1. Love it!

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  2. And look at the beauty you created??!!

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  3. I think I already made a note to try one of these.
    Enjoy your weekend! (K)

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  4. Suzanne Ourth

    I like the “weathered” look of your beautiful Notan exercise! I just bought some black paper to do some exercises myself as Jane Dunnewold talks about it in her Creative Strenght book that I am currently studying. (so many things to do lol) I wish you a wonderful week-end at your lake Priest ( I just googled the place as I enjoyed so much the photos you posted last week). Hope that the weather is just as fine this time. We have lovely weather too in the french Ardennes!

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    • Thanks so much Suzanne! I googled it and noticed some great designs on the internet too. I look forward to seeing what you create! 💚 We are having beautiful weather today! So good to get away and relax and do a little art. 🎨☀️👍 Enjoy your day too! I will look up where you are! 😍


  5. Great persistance it’s fab! Have fun at the lake.

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  6. Wonderful 👍🏼 you played well with positive negative space 👌🏼 ohh yes long weekend is all dedicated to packing bags 💼 as will be leaving on 1jun 😀

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  7. Love this!! 😍 Trying to get caught up a bit… sorry I’ve gone missing! hehe…. hope you enjoy a fabulous time at the lake my friend! 💕

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  8. Nothing gets you down, does it? Wonderful problem solving. I rather like the white on the black.

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