Textures In Nature

I’m a little behind… well, actually A LOT behind with Carla Sonheim’s 365 daily art class but rather than stress about it, I just do an assignment when I can.

Yesterday, I did this one when I was at the lake with ink pen.  Our assignment was to draw textures around us so I chose nature.


I added a little watercolor to spice things up a bit:


Did you notice the dead mosquito?  There seemed to be PLENTY of them this weekend…

Cheers! 🙂

16 responses to “Textures In Nature

  1. Better dead Than biting you!! 😉👍

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  2. One of them feasted upon me, darn it. I always tell my hubby it’s because I am so sweet 😂

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  3. I did! It was the first thing I noticed. The pink drew me in. 🙂

    What a lovely study!!

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  4. This is so nice!
    I got a dead mosquito in my sketchbook today as well. Unfortunately, that was not a drawing…..

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  5. Wonderful exercise Jill its the little things around us that can be so interesting when we sketch them.

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  6. I’m really impressed with your dead mosquito. How many people draw those lol. I love tree knots. You found tonnes of texture.

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  7. Lovely pages, even with a dead mosquito, haha. Love your drawing and soft washes.

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