A Weird Puzzle

How many weird birds can you find in these watercolor drips?


How about now?





I’d love to hear your names for these weird birds!

Cheers!  🙂

26 responses to “A Weird Puzzle

  1. Drips are so much fun to work with. A maze of birds!

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  2. I need more coffee before I tackle that task!

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  3. Peek-a-boo birds! So so cool!

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  4. You are amaaaaaazing! This is AWESOME! This will look great in your gallery!!!!!!

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  5. Awesome!! Love this!😍 hehe… I like the idea of a family of are weird birds that can morph back into watercolor drips to hide from people… that’d be quite a cool superpower!

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  6. This is wonderful Jill! Creative and totally Jill. 🙂

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  7. So fun to look at with every turn! There are so many I can’t count them all!! Names…? Well wild hair for sure! Trout a boo, one eyed lump, orange Hoover, Peek a boo! chick ling, hahaha!

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  8. love art like this. I like the names Peekie, Toot and KeyKi
    Thanks for sharing.
    Keep smiling.

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  9. Fun project, love your colors too. Sorry, I’m not so good at thinking up names for birds. Immediately I think about being allergic. Then I come up with things like, Sneezy, Wheezy and Jeezy (?).

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