Drawing Is Thinking…

I love this quote by Graphic Designer, Milton Glaser:


Drawing is a form of meditation for me…  And so is coloring my designs.

What is drawing for you?  I hope you to share it with me!

Cheers! 🙂

17 responses to “Drawing Is Thinking…

  1. It sounds funny…but drawing is putting the worlds I can see in my mind into a form that can be seen by all. It’s bringing my worlds to life and giving them dimension.. When I draw, I draw because I am happy 🙂

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  2. Is the 44 significant? So fun. Drawing can be frustrating to me. Lol

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    • Hi Jodi! It is actually day #144 in my 365 class with Carla Sonheim. I have gotten behind in the class but try to jump in when I can. And drawing can be frustrating for me too – I guess it depends on the subject matter! 😉 Doodling brings the most relaxation for me. However, I am enjoying drawing faces lately as you know! 😃

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  3. Perfection. Drawing and painting are a form of escape for me. I suppose that is therapeutic and meditative.

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  4. Definitely meditative (K)

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  5. Drawing is my therapy Jill, as is grown up coloring! It makes me feel so free!

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  6. Great !!!
    Please check out my blog. I am also write about graphic design.
    Looking forward for suggestions and feedback.


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  7. I write about Creativity and graphic design

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  8. Definitely agree. Its a form of meditation and therapy for me! Who cares what the end product looks like as long as you enjoyed the process and it was able to serve you! Keep drawing!

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