A Celebration!

Today we lift our beakers earthenware jugs… Celebrating Weird Bird Wednesday!

I have been posting a weird bird almost every Wednesday for over a year!  Thank you Harold for introducing the idea!  And thanks to ALL of you, my flock of followers!  😉

I decided to post the prehistoric “Beaker Bird” since it was wearing a cone-shaped beaker hat for the occasion.


During prehistoric times, the Beaker Bird’s beak (try saying that three times fast!) was about the size of a large Cadillac… But as time evolved, its beak shortened to the size of a Mini Cooper.

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!  Cheers! 🙂

P.S. If you want to see more of my weird birds, click on the catagory, “Weird Bird Wednesday” on the right (under categories).

16 responses to “A Celebration!

  1. A great bird as usual, but those dots!…(K)

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  2. Wow, a Cadillac! that is a weird bird Jill! Yours is really cute though!

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  3. Jill do you like painting on Yupo? I was thinking of trying watercolors on Yupo but it seems everyone does alcohol inks. Any ideas? Love your dots by the way!

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  4. Fabulous art and description!

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  5. Oh my favorite day of the week here! A cadillac?!??!! WOOOOWZers! Love him – and your colorful alcohol ink yupo! BEAUUUUUUTIFUL!

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    • Thanks Jodi! ❤🐦🚗 I was thinking Chrysler but hubby said the car on his beak was more of a Cadillac… I learned to drive in one of those big Chryslers in the 70’s – we used to call it a boat! Lol! 🛥 Glad you like the Yupo too! 😍

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  6. Sure like all the hints you used to tell us what’s hidden in the bird! Great way to use the car! Love the beakers in the wing!

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  7. Your work always makes me smile, regardless of what kind of day I’m having.

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