Wise Beyond Years…

A friend of mine has recently been diagnosed with cancer.  My heart goes out to her and her family…

I was thinking of her as I created this face yesterday.

I pray that she will be able to fight this terrible disease and win!  This face below has the determination and strength my friend has…  And the knowledge that God is with her.

So MANY people are fighting and struggling with cancer.  Too many people!


I dedicate today’s post to my friend T and EVERYONE who is fighting for their lives or supporting friends and loved ones battling cancer – YOU are wise beyond your years…

Sending love and hope! ❤

24 responses to “Wise Beyond Years…

  1. Beautiful! Best wishes for your friend, Jill.

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  2. Many more are winning the fight these days. Sending all the best. (K)

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  3. Oh Jill, I am praying for your friend t. The enemy has destroyed so many with this horrible disease, not only those who have it but also the families and friends who must sit back and watch helplessly. I have a friend also going through that now, , and another recently passed

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    • It is a terrible disease. Thank you for your prayers, Lisa. ❤ Prayer can be so powerful! I am sorry for the recent loss of your friend. I pray for your other friend that she can win her battle. Nice that she has your love and support. 💕


  4. Beautiful face 🙂

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  5. lovely Jill, prayers to your friend~

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  6. I am so sorry to hear about T’s recent diagnosis. May she be surrounded with the best health care and supportive people to help her through this journey in the upcoming months. I will pray for her.

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  7. so so sorry for your friend T! What a beautiful painting! you must give it to her. It is so touching – one of my all time faves! Love the watercolor and salt treatment – the lips, the eyes, the expression. It is LOVE!!

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    • Thank Jodi 💗 I was so saddened by my friend’s recent diagnosis that I think this lovely face appeared to bring hope. I will definitely give her this drawing if she would like to have it. Good idea 😊

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  8. Beautiful art work Jill…

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  9. Best wishes for your friend T 🙂

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  10. My heart goes out to your friend, Jill… sending warm thoughts your way. And this is a stunning tribute to determination. Touching and beautiful. (really incredibly well done… I love it)❤️

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  11. This is beautiful Jill. ..brought tears to my eyes.💕

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  12. Hope all goes well.

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