Write And Draw

I used to spend hours writing my thoughts and ideas in a journal – not the journals you see now… mine were yellow note pads.  Nothing fancy…  Yet, writing helped me deal with life – the good times and the not so good.  Can you relate?!

Yesterday, I decided to try combining writing with DRAWING – my new love! ❤

First, I did some writing with a permanent black pen.  (I love “fine” black Sharpie pens and Amazon sells them really cheap).

Next, I found a face on Pinterest to use as a reference to sketch over my words with a pencil.  I added a little color with Tombow markers.  I softened them with a water brush.  Here is my result:


I will definitely try combining writing and drawing again.

Cheers! 🙂

17 responses to “Write And Draw

  1. Beautiful words and art!

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  2. Love it Jill!

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  3. Glenmar Fullmer

    Hi Jill. I love your idea of writing and sketching. I bet your journal pages.pages could be published as a book!


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  4. I love this Jill! Very cool!

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  5. It’s beautiful Jill! Looking forward to seeing more of this kind of art.

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  6. Love the combination Jill very inspiring, well done.

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