World Watercolor Month Starts July 1st

I had so much fun participating in World Watercolor Month last July that I decided to purchase a few new art supplies in anticipation for this July.

I splurged on a Stillman and Birn mixed media art journal from Amazon and decided to try a couple different brands of watercolor paint.  I also purchased a Quill watercolor brush.  Here are my supplies:

I couldn’t wait to try out my new journal so I had to splash some paint inside before I left for work!


Charlie O’Shields at has been busy updating his blog and I must admit it looks soooo cool!  I hope you check out, “World Watercolor Month,” at the top of his page and subscribe to his blog.  Charlie always has an interesting story to share with his amazing watercolor paintings! 🙂

Perhaps you remember some of my watercolor posts from last July:


I really enjoyed painting the natural beauty around me when I was at the lake.  And I hope to continue this year plus add a few faces to the mix!


Back to this morning’s journal; I added these letters to my painting:


And splashed on more watercolor…


I will add some doodles to my letters and show you my results later…

I hope you will join me in celebrating World Watercolor Month.

Cheers! 🙂

35 responses to “World Watercolor Month Starts July 1st

  1. Looking forward to your July posts!!!

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  2. I love watercolors! I actually used to be a watercolor artist before I endeavored into this mixed media world….maybe I will have to pop back in for a spell 😉

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    • Hi Lisa! 😄 I hope you check out Charlie’s blog too – he has some fantastic giveaways during July! 🎨👍 I imagine your paintings are spectacular. I used to paint a lot in watercolor too but I much prefer mixed media. Yet, watercolor does force me to slow down and that can be a good thing. 😊


  3. You are ready! (K)

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  4. I didn’t know there was such a thing as world watercolor month, Jill….sounds fun though! I am not normally a watercolorist, but, watercolor is my medium of choice, whilst on vacation….which I will be for some of next month! So, I guess I AM joining in! Can’t wait to see what YOU will do with those supplies! What brand/s of paint do you like? All I have is a tiny W & N Field box that I set up with what I think is a good paletter for me of 12 half pans and a handful of waterbrushes – but, portability is key, for me 😉

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    • Oh, so happy to hear you will join in on the fun! 😃 Be sure to check out Charlie’s blog too – he was the person who started World Watercolor Month! 🎨✨ Watercolor is great to take on vacation as you don’t need much in supplies. Your set-up sounds perfect. 👍 I have a small palette that I fill with paints. W&N are my favorites but I wanted to experiment with some other brands. I will share my results in July. I also like to use a small journal to paint in. I Look forward to seeing what you paint, Hilda! 🌷

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  5. This is so cute Jill! I remember Jodi doing world watercolor month, I will check it out, sounds like fun!

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  6. Looking forward to seeing what inspires you and what you paint in July.

    I hope you review the Mixed Media journal, and tell us more about the paints your purchased to use this month. I enjoy reading reviews and learning about different products.

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    • Hi Deborah, I would be happy to share my results on my blog! Thank you for the idea! 😃 I hope you will be sharing some of your watercolor paintings next month! 🎨👍

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      • I still have those two watercolor painting classes to get through so, I might post something. I don’t have any hope of doing something everyday in July. I hope to carry on with the classes I signed up for. I’ve not worked on them in a couple of weeks. I got off to a good start then other things took priority. 🙂

        Thanks for considering reviewing your new products. I always find reviews informative and full of insights.

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      • I don’t think I can do every day but I will try to do what I can. I understand about life getting in the way… I can so relate!! ❤

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  7. Goodness. No wonder you enjoy water colors. You have great skill with it. Beautiful pictures.

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  8. Such an interesting post, Jill! Thank you for letting me know about the watercolor month and Charlie’s blog. I’ll check it later, as my internet connection is helplessly slow here in France. Your journal pages from last year are looking gorgeous ( and I bet the lovely journal is handmade?!) I am looking forward to your posts this month and your findouts about your supplies! Over at creativebug Yao Cheng is painting a flower in watercolor every day in July! I am so sad that I can’t watch her now! I will try to do some watercolor too, but I am not sure if I’ll find the time as our granddaughter will be visiting with her mother for a week… Happy painting! P.S.: I am curious to know who the watercolor artist Jodi is!?

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    • Hi Suzanne! 😊 World Watercolor Group is also on Facebook! You can join there if you’d like too! Charlie also shares his stories and watercolors on Facebook. If you go to you can find out more about it. 🎨👍 And it is so fun to see what amazing art others are doing! Such an inspiration – even if you don’t have time right now. And you can find Jodi’s art blog at – she also puts her posts on her Facebook page and the World Watercolor Group. 😃


  9. I did this last year. It was how I found Charlie; I also am a member on his Facebook page for World Watercolor Group although I haven’t posted much there lately since I’ve been drawing in pencil again more than painting. But I will! Thanks for posting this Jill as a reminder! 🙂

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    • I’m glad to hear you will be sharing some of your wonderful watercolors again this year, Patsy! ❤ I’m a member of the Facebook group too but I don’t post there often. Cheers to another fun July – splashing some paint around! 🎨👍

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  10. Reblogged this on Patsy's Creative Corner and commented:
    Hello Friends,
    My friend Jill Kuhn has reminded me about Charlie O’Shields blog and the challenge of July being World Watercolor Month! Since I have many things I am working on right now, I probably won’t participate as much as last year, but I wanted to share this with all of my painter friends.

    Have a wonderful day, and give someone you love a big hug! 🙂

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  11. Yay!! lovely! Happy World Watercolor Month my friend! And yay to splurging on new supplies!! hehe!! 😃💕

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  12. Jill love it especially the dragonfly you are so talented. I have no skills in water colour probably too delicate for my heavy hand. Have fun like I know you always do.


    • Oh, believe me, I do not have any skill, just TONS of practice, my friend and LOTS of classes!! 😄🎨👍 It helped me to find a dead dragonfly so I could actually paint it! 😉

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      • You are very talented, and practice and classes bring with it a huge learning curve and new skills. Plus passion is the key, which you have bucket loads of Jill.

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      • Thanks so much Kath! ❤ It brings me so much JOY to create art and to share it with you and others on my blog. Some days I don’t have much time but I have to keep at it. ☺️ It really helps to know that you enjoy it! Thanks friend! 🎨👍💕

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