Sweet Peppers

Yesterday, I went to a potluck with some lake friends.  I decided to try a new recipe using my Spiralizer – so I made this Italian Pasta Salad – without pasta!  I used zucchini and I have to say, no one missed the pasta.  I will share my recipe next week.  Here is a photo of it:


Making this salad gave me the inspiration to paint sweet peppers for World Watercolor Month.

My subject matter – I was painting outdoors so my lighting changed but this gives you an idea:


My finished painting in my art journal:


I decided to splatter my background instead of adding the tablecloth.  I think it looks rather festive, don’t you?

Happy Painting!

Cheers! 🙂


11 responses to “Sweet Peppers

  1. Your salad looks very yummy! I can’t wait for the recipe! And your watercolor painting looks festive indeed!

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  2. Both look yummy and I think I try the recipe when you post it 🙂

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  3. Oh that looks so delissshhh!!!!

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  4. Your salad looks great! So do your peppers! Happy 4th Jill!

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