Name That Flavor…

I decided since the temperatures have been so HOT here – into the 90’s – that it was time we all had an ice cream cone!  😉

Well, since I’m lactose intolerant and can’t eat REAL ice cream, I decided to create some mixed media cones to share with you!

Can you name each “flavor” of art medium I used?  (Answers below)


1.  The scoop – a color copy of a doodle I did previously with color pencils in 2015.  Cone is watercolor painted paper from an online class I took with Cat Bennett.  I used a patterned piece of tissue paper and a white charcoal pencil over it.

2.  The scoop – paper printed with acrylics on a Gelli plate.  Cone is from old sheet music that lists names of songs – added bonus – “summer” is part of name for one song.  Color pencil to create cone pattern.

3.  The scoop – old map that I gelli-printed.  Cone shape is cut from a paint sample card.  (Note:  Bears on my mind after two people encountered them at the lake within the last week!  Buy bear spray!)

4.  The scoop – old book page that I painted with watercolor.  Cone is scrapbook paper that looks like cork board.

5.  The scoop – scrapbook paper that was cut using a circle stencil.  I cut part of the circle to create this shape.  Cone is gelli-printed paper I did on deli paper.

I hope you enjoyed guessing these “flavors” of fun!

Cheers! 🙂

12 responses to “Name That Flavor…

  1. So fun Jill, love ice cream cone art! a collage is on my to do list this week!

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  2. Really yummy Jill 😉

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  3. I want to eat #5. Pistachio raspberry eye balls lol.

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  4. I’d like #3 Wild Mountain Raspberry with dark chocolate.

    I thought #2 was Pistachio, 4 cherry vanilla, and 5 Neapolitan, but don’t know what #1 is. Fun stuff Jill! Very creative!

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  5. 1 peace of heaven…2 summer fun. 3 lake water 4 Sherlock Holmes 5 circle of yum!

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