A Coloful Surprise!

I was so excited to see a package on my front porch last week from Royal Talens North America.  And I couldn’t wait to open it!

(Who is Royal Talens you may be asking?  I signed up for their FREE newsletter  to discover more about them.  They have some great ideas I can’t wait to try!)

Inside was a very generous set of Rembrandt Artist Quality Watercolor tubes in 16 colors!!  AND they are BIG tubes too – 20 ml size!  I couldn’t believe my eyes!  🙂

I squeezed out these juicy watercolor paints onto my palette and made a color chart. They come in a complete range of 80 colors BTW!  WHOOT!!


BUT WAIT!  There was more in the box from Royal Talens – they also included 3 – 30 ml bottles of their Ecoline Liquid Watercolor.  We are talking LIQUID watercolors!!  They come in 46 transparent colors and 2 opaque colors (white and gold).


I will definitely be using these liquid watercolors in an online calligraphy class from Ivy Newport called, “Letters to Words.”   I liked how vibrant and transparent the colors were straight from the bottle.

And they are very versatile.  I painted the background of this sample below using a brush – they blend just like watercolor paints with water.  I added black ink with a micron pen afterwards… how many weird creatures can you find on the right?!

I was also excited to see 3 Ecoline Brush Markers and a blender too! I didn’t know I could get watercolor in a brush!  Oh, the possibilities!!  (I used a blue marker in the sample above).

I experimented using the Ecoline markers and the Rembrandt watercolor in this doodle:


It was super fun to watch the brush markers blend with the watercolor paints – you can see it better in this photo:


And of course I had to try the blue Ecoline Brush Marker for a face!   I used it as an outline to separate her head and shoulders from the background.  I then softened it with a water brush:


I have more creative experiments to show you but will save them for another day!

THANK YOU Charlie at Doodlewash.com for creating #WorldWatercolorMonth in July!   It is such a JOY to receive and experiment with these FREE supplies!!

Happy Painting!

Cheers! 🙂

P.S.  I’m not being paid by Royal Talens North America for a review of their products.  🙂

17 responses to “A Coloful Surprise!

  1. These look great Jill. I love liquid watercolors and will definitely be checking those out…(K)

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  2. Great creativity with your new stuff! Love it Jilly! You make everything FUN!

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  3. WHOOT!! Indeed. Lucky you. Have fun 😊💙🎨💖

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  4. You lucky Lady! I love your idea of outlining watercolor marks with a pen. I may have to steal that idea! 🙂

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  5. How exciting to play with new products! It’s like being a kid in a candy shop, and opening such a fun box is like Christmas! Can’t wait to see what else you create 😍

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  6. OHHHH how fun to have these new goodies to play with! I must clean and refresh my watercolor palette, it’s long overdue…your new one is gorgeous in organization! I have been experimenting with several types of new markers and hope to get a post about them up soon. Also ordered the August Sketch Box which is supposed to be full of writing goodies so I can’t wait for that to arrive…you have made me wish I could clear my calendar today and just play! Those inks look fabulous!

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    • Thank you Jenna! I have several watercolor palettes and believe me, none of them are this organized or clean! 😉 I do hope you find some time to paint! 💚💙💜 I look forward to reading more about your markers on your blog. What is the August Sketch Box? I’m not familiar with this. And yes, I’m really loving the inks! Cheers to creativity! 🎨💕👍


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