In 133 Days

Guess what arrived in my mail box yesterday?!

This art supply catalog from Dick Blick!!  WHOOT!


Art supplies, oh my!

How do I choose?

Start a wish list, I say!

Christmas will be here

In 133 days!

What is at the top of your wish list for art supplies?  I hope you share it with me!

Cheers! 🙂

P.S. Contact for your FREE Art Supply Catalog!

24 responses to “In 133 Days

  1. I know, Jill…I can’t even start looking, I want everything! (K)

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  2. Fun! I sawsome enormous oil pastels on Instagram. I might be adding those to mine. Looking forward to seeing what you like.

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    • Ooh, that sounds fun, Catherine! 🎨👍 I’d like to get some more colors of the liquid watercolor by Ecoline. And I’d like a nicer watercolor brush. I’m sure there will be several more items but those are at the top of my current list! 😃


  3. Porn for artists!

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  4. I think I must send for this catalog as I did not receive! 😦 Top of my list – a #8 round brush and Saunders watercolor paper. May just go order that – LOL!

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  5. I love Dick Blick! I often send links to my husband with gift suggestions!

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  6. I want oil paints and canvas! No where to really set that up in my very lived-in house but I’d figure it out. It’s on the list…N.

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  7. More paper blocks, and a new mop brush are at the top of my list. I didn’t receive that catalog which is probably a good thing! 🙂

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  8. I have my watercolor paper from DickBlick coming today but I am already thinking of putting in another order. I have been trying to get a good pile of paper before the fall and winter sets in. Paper and watercolor paints are always on top of my list though I have been playing around with the idea of getting Golden acrylics, still trying to decide!

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    • I saw an add for Winsor & Newton acrylics the other day, I didn’t know they made acrylics… I love all Golden products. I especially like the fluid acrylics with Golden. 😄 Do you like to buy the large sheets of watercolor paper, Margaret or pads of paper? Which brand of paper do you prefer? And I need to place an order for watercolor paper too – I like to buy the large sheets but I also like the pads. I like Fabriano hot press and Arches cold press. 🎨👍

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      • I like to buy the large sheets and then tear them to the size I want. Right now my favorite brand is Lanaquarelle cp then probably Canson Heritage which is fantastic for wet on wet work. Arches of course, Fabriano soft press. I love to paint on Bockingford tinted papers. There is a paper from the Netherlands that is called Schut Noblesse that I really like, paint really appears very vibrant on this paper. I ordered some more. Last but not least, Saunders Waterford whew! I do love paper!

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      • Thank you Margaret for sharing this with me – I will add them to my list of papers I want to try!! 🎨👍

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      • I am very picky about paper but then who knows you might not like them. The Bockingford and Schut Noblesse are the most difficult of all the ones I listed to work with. But I have learned how to work with it and because of that difficulty, it has their own unique properties. Can’t wait to hear more about what you get and how it goes for you!

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