A Paint Pen Fish Doodle

I started a new doodle with the paint pens by scribbling some colors on the art journal I showed you yesterday.

I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to do but it was super fun to just play:


I used the Posca paint pens in colors of  light gray, yellow and light green.  It is interesting how the colors change depending on the time of day!

I just started doodling with a black Micron pen and these fish appeared:


So I went with the flow of it…  If I made a mistake with the black ink, I could easily cover it up with a paint pen!  🙂

I discovered that the black ink takes a little longer to dry over the acrylic painted surface so it can easily smear if you aren’t careful.

This is like a puzzle for me to solve as I search for fish and create patterns:


I added a few more lines with the paint pen to create another fish.  Can you find it hidden in the picture above the other two fish?

I will post my completed fish doodle next week.

Cheers! 🙂

15 responses to “A Paint Pen Fish Doodle

  1. Amazing. Love it!!

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  2. The colors contrasted with the details of the black pen lines give so much dimension and energy. I love how these ideas grow so organically too. (K)

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  3. I don’t know if I could have patience like you do with the doodling, this is tremendous, I love it!

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  4. Great! Wonderful post. I write. I would love your feedback on my blog do check it out https://iamgayatriblog.wordpress.com

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  5. Love it. Beautifully done!

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  6. Thank you Carol – I find it a great way to relax! ❤️💜💙


  7. I can tell you are having FUN! Everything has such a cool flow!

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