Dear Friend…

Have you ever written a letter to yourself?  In your own handwriting?


I have been updating my MIL’s address book on my computer.  (A great gift idea BTW for a family member!) And it got me thinking about writing a letter to myself.

Have YOU ever done this?

I wonder what my letters would say if I addressed myself as a friend?  Would I be more kind to myself?  Would I show the same kindness I do to others?

And then I wonder, what seems so important now… would it still be… a year from now?

I have decided to write a letter to myself today and treat myself as I would a friend.  In one year, I will mail it.

I encourage you to do the same!

Cheers Friends! 🙂

P.S. I used purchased stationary here but it might be fun to create a border with your own artwork for your letter.

20 responses to “Dear Friend…

  1. It’s a great idea, Jill. My daughter gave me a note to herself when she was 12 to open when she was 21…luckily I found it again in time! She did not share the contents with me, but she was definitely amused. (K)

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  2. What a cool concept! I think I might try this! Though my handwriting is deplorable and might not be legible even to me. 😊 lol

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    • It will be interesting to see what we were thinking about a year ago… And I think it would be fun to get a letter in the mail too! 😊 I think our handwriting changes as we age, maybe yours will improve, Charlie! Lol! 😍

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  3. wow, that is a concept! I have kept several notes of particular thoughts and looked at them years later and it was eye opening~ I do think we should treat ourselves more kindly as we would a friend, we are often our own worst enemy…thanks for the thought provoking Jill~

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    • Thanks Jenna – I recently wrote to myself in my journal as I would a friend and I was much more gentle with myself. I am pretty hard on myself at times and so I thought this might help others too. ❤️


  4. wonderful Idea – I once wrote a letter to my 13 year old self. Was very introspective. Hope you were kind to you 🙂 ❤

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    • Thank you Jodi 💕😊 I am trying to treat myself with more kindness. I remember you writing to your 13 year old self. 💜 I think there is something special about our own handwriting too. It changes as we age. I have really noticed this with my MIL’s address book. I have kept letters from my mom so I could remember her handwriting. 🌻

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  5. Lovely idea, Jill! I have an idea this is one thing that is suggested in the book, “The Artists Way”….. I know I heard about it somewhere, anyway! 🙂

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    • I haven’t read that book yet but I am sure it probably isn’t a new idea! 😊 For me, it was the concept of writing to myself as a friend. ❤️ Something I am trying to do – thanks Hilda! 😄

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      • My daughter taught me that just by changing your internal voice so that you are talking to yourself as a friend “you..” instead of “I” tends to make our self criticisms waaay less harsh and is an excellent way to help reduce the power of the inner critic…..similar concept, I think?! (she got it from a book she’s reading 🙂 )

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      • Ah, sounds like your daughter is very smart! ❤️ Thanks Hilda! 😍

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  6. I have done that! I went to a ladies art group one time and the host had us write a letter to ourselves and she mailed them out to us at a specific time, I can’t remember if it was 6 months or a year but I still have it. I loved what I wrote, so encouraging to read it now and then. I liked that we all didn’t have control over when we would get the letter not knowing when especially. I might do it again, good idea!

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    • That sounds fun Margaret! 😍 It would be a fun activity to do with a friend and have your friend mail your letter and you mail theirs! Then it would be a total surprise! ❤️ I like that you wrote something encouraging to yourself too. 👍

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  7. Wow, writing a letter to myself….what a cool idea!

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