This Bird Takes The Cake!

Have you heard of Sponge Bob, Square Pants?

Well, today’s weird bird rose in popularity in the 1930’s and was discovered recently in this old book:


According to Wikipedia, “Sponge Cake is based on flour, sugar, butter and eggs and is sometimes leavened with baking powder.  It has a firm yet well-aerated structure, similar to a sea sponge…”


Sponge Cake (Bird) AKA Pound Cake

One never knows when or where this diva bird may appear… but it is usually when one is watching their waistline.

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday! 

Cheers!  🙂


20 responses to “This Bird Takes The Cake!

  1. Temptation is everywhere! (K)

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  2. I LOVE that you share your art journal. So cool! Love your stuff.

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  3. oh goodness, I love your sponge bird, so cute!!

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  4. OH JILL! I must have this one! Pretty Please! Name your price!!! LOOOOVVVVEEEEE!!!!!

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  5. Giggling here. Why must a diva like Sponge cake bird show up whilst one is watching their weight. 😆

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  6. Awesome crown, fun pok a dot tail and wings, love the pedestal, and her eye lashes are to die for! Cake is good any anytime of the day or night! Yummmmm!

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