A Feature Creature – Part 2

I had so much FUN reading your names of my “exotic” creatures last Monday that I decided to create five MORE for you to name!!  In case you missed last week’s post, you can find it here; A Creature Feature – Part 1

So here is your assignment, if you choose to participate… NAME creatures 6-10 or ALL 10 if you missed last week!


I can’t wait to hear your creative names!! 😃

For this round of imaginary creatures I used pencil for shading and added details with Prismacolor pencils instead of an ink pen.  Do you have a favorite creature?

Cheers! 🙂

P.S. My heart goes out to all of you affected by Hurricane Harvey in the area of Houston, Texas.  Stay safe!

13 responses to “A Feature Creature – Part 2

  1. I really like #3. (K)

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  2. Love all of them 😊😊 Such cool artwork dear x x

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  3. I like all of them, Jill, but number six in particular. Seems a friendly little critter! 😀

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  4. #6 – Professor Pierre
    #7 – Hans Hairbrain
    #8 – Percy the Peculiar
    #9 – Frett Butler
    #10 Orange Ollie

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  5. #6 Professor Swine
    #7 Reginald R. Lush (looks like he’s had a few too many)
    #8 Purple Platypus
    #9 No Body Sam
    #10 Orange P (pierce) Jello

    This was fun.

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    • Lol!! 🤣😂 Thanks Carol for the giggles!! LOVE your names!! I was laughing at each one! 😄 I really can’t pick just one that is my favorite as they are ALL fabulous !!


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