Catch The Fun

I hope you join in the fun…


And create a fish a day!!

The FISH art project begins September 1st through October 31st – which gives one a couple of days to “throw out the net” but let one or two “fish” art projects escape!

As I posted previously, you can find it here:  Fishing – A couple of friends and I created this mixed media art challenge for fun!

I will be posting on Instagram with the hashtag: #create50fish if you want to join in!!

Happy Fishing!  🙂

13 responses to “Catch The Fun

  1. I’m sure you will have fun with this! (K)

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  2. Fun! I love the fish you threw out today!

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  3. Will you be posting here as well?

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  4. This is “fintastic”!

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  5. Oh how finny! can’t wait to see all your fish!!!

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  6. Loved it, thanks for sharing.

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