A Little “Extra” Lake Time

It is difficult to believe that summer is almost over!  September brings cooler evenings, shorter days and changing colors.


In the states, we are celebrating an extra long weekend called Labor Day (always the first Monday in September) which pays tribute to contributions and achievements of American workers.  It was created by the labor movement in the late 19th century and came a federal holiday in 1894.

I took a little extra time to paint outdoors at the lake today.  I gathered some flowers, a wild rose hip and a couple of beach rocks.


I’m not really liking the black online but I wanted to try something different.  I gave this little painting to a friend who kindly brought me dinner last week.  It was an extra nice treat for me! 🙂

How do like to spend a little extra time to relax?!  I hope you share it with me!

Cheers! 🙂


17 responses to “A Little “Extra” Lake Time

  1. Extra time with family and friends…always a treat! (K)

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  2. Painting is relaxing to me. Enjoy your amazing surroundings at the lake, Jill. Happy September!

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  3. Lovely! We’re hoping to go to a beach we’ve never been to before. Enjoy!

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  4. a lovely painting – so glad you found time! I’m hoping to paint tomorrow or monday even if only for a little as it has been a while. Colleen and I are busy prepping for our show next Saturday – who knows how it will go, but we are having funn! 🙂

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  5. For me it would be getting out for a hike in nature or reading on the patio. Painting is always on that list, I do a lot of it so when I have extra time, I do something non-art. 😉

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    • Ah, that sounds wonderful, Margaret! 👍😃 I agree, it does clear the head to do something different instead of creating art. I find I do a lot more talking with friends and laughing at the lake. 😍 And just sitting on the beach relaxing. 🦋

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  6. I remember summers at the lake. I love the drawing you did and the black outline. I used that same technique recently on some work of mine.

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  7. what a darling little picture!

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