Back To The Drawing Board…

Last week, I had counted my chickens before they hatched… or put the cart before the horse!  (I had expected the results before they had actually occurred!)  Sigh…

So this week, it is back to the drawing board – time to try, “Plan B” to get someone hired to replace me at my husband’s office.  I was thinking we had the “one” but this was not the case.  😦

I would like more time to create art and maybe, just maybe SEE if I could make it a successful business.  But right now, apparently isn’t in the stars… Or leaves!


So I will just “leaf it” and keep creating art and hope you enjoy it, friends!

Cheers! 🙂

10 responses to “Back To The Drawing Board…

  1. Good luck Jill! (and always good to see some leaves) (K)

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  2. Dogone it! Hopefully soon 🤞💛

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  3. Hope you find a replacement, and good luck with the art business! The leaves look great!

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  4. I hope you find the right one soon so you can devote more time to art!

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  5. So excited to hear your plans Jill 👏

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