Clear Skies

We have been dealing with smoke from wild fires in our area for several weeks.  Not only do we have poor vision but the air quality has been awful!  This photo was taken last weekend at the lake:


So we were thrilled to have a few drops of rain and wind to clear the skies this last weekend!


Yesterday, we were able to enjoy a short boat ride and breathe in fresh air in clear skies.  It was wonderful to see blue sky and mountains again.  Hoorah! 😃

We noticed the air and water temperatures were cooler and leaves starting to change to autumn’s glorious show:


It was so nice to enjoy the beauty around us again!  We hope that the firefighters are able to get control of fires around us so that the smoke stays away.  We still need rain badly.

Even the wild animals are hurting from the dry weather.  I found this wild bunny eating an apple from a neighbor’s tree.  The deer love the apples but I have never seen a bunny eat one!


Such bizarre weather this year, everywhere it seems…

Stay safe friends!

Cheers! 🙂


9 responses to “Clear Skies

  1. We have been so focused on the hurricanes that I didn’t even know about the wildfires until a few days ago. My sister had to cancel her trip to Oregon because of the smoke. I hope the fires will be under control quickly and the smoke clears

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  2. bizarre indeed! Glad to see clear skies your way!

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  3. I’ve been reading about your toxic air…glad to see it cleared up for a few days anyway. (K)

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  4. It must have been really hungry. I’m surprised, too, that its ears are up like that – could it be a hare? The area looks beautiful.

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