Lighting A Candle Of Peace

I was saddened yesterday by another senseless high school shooting near me at Freeman High School in Rockford, Washington.  One student was killed and 3 more injured but should survive.  The shooter is in custody – a student.

I am thinking about the teachers, families and children who were affected by this terrible violence when creating this drawing and lighting a candle of peace.


I do not know the people who were shot but I think a tragedy such as this touches us all.  Hug those you love today…

Peace Friends! 💜

18 responses to “Lighting A Candle Of Peace

  1. Oh dear. I hadn’t even heard. So so sad.

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  2. Sad, and yet another reminder to measure our moments with wisdom.

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  3. It does touch all of us. I share your questions and wishes for an end to it. (K)

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  4. Horrible! How awful living in fear of being shot just getting an education. Lovely candle

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  5. Thanks for your thoughts!

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  6. stronglotusyogi

    So sad. I share your thoughts as well and now to wake up to the news in Las Vegas. My heart goes out ❤️

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