St. Peter’s Fish

As many of you know, I love learning new things!  🙂

My recent art challenge of creating 50 fish on Instagram has left me fishing for information about this subject.

We can learn a ton on the internet but I also LOVE books!! So I purchased this book recently from Amazon:


This is a great book for “kids of all ages!”  I love all the amazing photos and also the basic information such as how fish swim.

I drew this one-liner fish, “John Dory” also known as St. Peter’s Fish from this book:


Do you see the false eye on the side of the fish?

According to legend, over 2000 years ago, St. Peter dropped a coin in the Sea of Galilee and the fish caught it.  St. Peter picked the fish up and took the coin back, leaving his fingerprints on the skin of the fish…

This is an odd-looking fish found in European waters.  It is oval with a flat body and a large spiny head.  The white boneless, meaty flesh is firm and flavorsome if cooked properly.  It is condsidered a culinary delicacy.

I hope you found it as interesting to learn about as I did.

Cheers to learning new things!  🙂

17 responses to “St. Peter’s Fish

  1. I love the false eye. And yes, never stop learning. (K)

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  2. Really interesting! I’ve never thought about why fish have certain markings, and there are so many zillions of kinds of fish! Fun book to draw from…

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  3. Very interesting!!

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  4. I went to the Sea of Galilee a few years ago, Jill, and St Peter’s Fish was on the menu (I opted for the pizza). Those who had the fish had it served on a plate just as your drawing. The looks on their faces was quite hilarious! Thanks for the fun memory! 🙂

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  5. I love books too! Ahhh, the smell of a new book 🙂 Interesting story and great drawing, Jill!! 🐟 🐟 🐟

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  6. This is awesome, Jill!!😃💕 What a weird fish… I was in love once I spotted the false eye! Nature is so weird and wonderful!! Should be a regular Weird Fish Fridays post! That would be awesome!! 😉hehe

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  7. Jill, I have used a lot of the books in their series including this one to draw from over the years! Great job!

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