Imagine I Say…

An evening sunset?


Peeling bark on an old tree?



I enjoy doing these abstract watercolors – what do you SEE in them?

Cheers! 🙂

12 responses to “Imagine I Say…

  1. Horizontal I see many fish…hahaha whatever

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  2. I see clouds parting in the first one, Jill – I actually saw the image move! 😀

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  3. So beautiful! I see a crowd of people in the second. Embracing in joy and love. It has such a good feeling to it. The soft colors and the intermingling.

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  4. This is so lovely, Jill!! I’m with Jodi… in the second one, I see that crowd of loving people! Love it! 😍

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  5. I love this Jill, it reminds me of an onion with many layers…

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