Raining Fish

Well, it isn’t exactly raining fish but we FINALLY got some rain last night!  YAY!!

I took this photo of a dark cloud from my deck last evening with promise of more rain:


I thought you may enjoy seeing my “fresh catch of creative fish” that I have posted on Instagram recently:


I have been trying different art mediums – the shadows were an unexpected surprise in this one:


And I’m enjoying mixing in some humor:


Trying my hand at watercolor in my art journal:


And creating a silly paper collage:


Hope you enjoyed seeing my variety of fish that were on the menu this last week!

Cheers! 🙂

14 responses to “Raining Fish

  1. We’ve had clouds but no rain here…hopefully today, the plants need it!
    It’s hard to pick a favorite fish, but I too like the shadows. (K)

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  2. You are uber creative Jill! I love them all, and the last one – 🤣

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  3. SO MUCH FUN!!!! And ohhhhh I received my amazing sponge cake bird yesterday!!!! LOVVVVEEEE it even more in person! Oh you know how I adore your birds – and now the fish! There is a line of stuff in these I’m telling you Jilly! A little surprise is on it’s way to you! xo

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  4. Stunning photo and fabulous fush!! Love these! So much creativity in each one! 😃💕

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  5. The collage made me laugh out loud!

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  6. Staggering photograph and astonishing fush!! Love these! Such a great amount of imagination in every one! 😃💕


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