Mistake Or Possibility?

I recently purchased  this children’s book, “The Book of Mistakes,” by Corinna Luyken on Amazon:


I must admit, the book TITLE grabbed my attention!  And I wasn’t disappointed! 🙂  This is an excellent book for everyone at any age in my opinion.

We all make mistakes – I know I do, especially in art!  Yet, I have learned that how I perceive a mistake in art making can make a difference…

Do I give up and throw away the art project or see it as an opportunity to learn something new?

Do I figure out how to make a mistake part of my design?

Or do I take a step away and later return to see possibilities instead of failure?

I hope you will google this author – Corinna Luyken.com and look up her Q and A for writing this book.  Her drawings are wonderful too in her Portfolio!

What do you do when you make a mistake in art?  I’d love to hear from you!

Cheers! 🙂

P.S. In tomorrow’s post I will show you how I changed a mistake into a possibility!

14 responses to “Mistake Or Possibility?

  1. Definitely sounds like a worthy read!

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  2. Well you know I think you can make art from anything…and mistakes fit right in. You can always use them for something else…cut, stitch, collage, whatever. Cute book! (K)

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  3. Ahhh, mistakes are happy accidents right?? Sometimes not so happy, but I can’t tell you how many times I have walked away from a painting with frustration and dislike, only to return later and decide I loved it and maybe just add a stroke or two…I can’t wait to check out this book, LOVE the cover!
    Thanks Jill!

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    • Yes, I agree, Jenna! Walking away from something can really help! 😉Sometimes I will put a WIP where I can look at it and let it tell me what it needs. 😃 I think this is a great book for kids but we can all learn from it. I really enjoyed reading the author’s reasons for writing it on her website.


  4. Very interesting book, Jill! I already put it on my wishlist! I read about the making of her book too. Did you see how many versions of the tree she painted? Amazing! I am (or at least have been) more the type who gives up easily if things don’t turn out as expected. But slowly I learn to push myself over the first frustration and go on…… I still have lots to learn….

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    • Hi Suzanne! 😊 Wonderful to hear from you! ❤️ I will have to read more about the tree – which is really fabulous in her book!! 🌳 It has taken me many years to let go of my perfectionism. Seeing my art as “experiments” has helped me a great deal. Yet, please know I am always learning!! 😃


  5. Thanks Jill, this looks like a wondeful book. I will reserach further. When I make mistakes (or happy accidents), I keep the art and then review it later. Sometimes I end up liking what happen after all after a attitude adjustment. And, there is always some part of unwanted art I can use in a collage.

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    • Hi Sharon! I really enjoyed how the author explained how some children want to give up when they make a mistake in their drawing when it isn’t perfect. 😉 I tend to keep everything I make too – I like your idea of reviewing it later. And I agree, it can ALWAYS be used in a collage! 😄 Lol!


  6. what a lovely book and author and concept! thanks for sharing

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  7. LOL some of my fastest selling pieces have been art boo-boo’s that I put in the paper cutter and sliced up to make a collage. The book sounds fun!

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